Today I’m going to talk cricket. A couple of weeks ago, Team India went on to end Australia’s 32-year unbeaten streak at the Gabba… it was a sensational win for many reasons! In my opinion, it was actually the greatest ever Test Series win for the Men in Blue. In this article I’ll list the reasons why. If you enjoy reading this do give it a clap and follow for more! Thanks. Let’s get into it.

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Firstly, what a comeback! To start with 36 all out to a 2–1 Series win- Team India battled through the series from that humiliating defeat in the opener and it just demonstrates the commendable fighting spirit of the team.

Secondly, the way Team India dealt with the injury blows is truly outstanding. Not only Kohli, but a number of solid, key players missing. The resilience shown in response to these injuries just blew me away. From inexperience to the overseas conditions, the bio bubble challenges, everything was working against the men in blue but it didn’t disrupt their focus and determination to win.

Now let’s talk about young exciting talent. I think this series was incredibly special because of them. In a way I think the injury woes experienced were a blessing in disguise for the men in blue. I’m sure the unprecedented opportunity for these young guns to make their test debut in Australia is something they’ll never forget. It was wonderful to see them step up to the challenge…

  • Mohammed Siraj is one of them. He came in place of the injured Mohammed Shami and to see the standing ovation when he picked up his maiden 5-wicket haul.. it gave me chills
  • T Natarajan ended up becoming the first Indian to make their international debut in three formats on the same tour
  • Washington Sundar is the debutant who impressed me the most. His ability to handle pressure was inspiring. Do you know, he’s the first debutant visiting Australia to score a 50 and take 3 wickets since Dattu Phadkar? Which was in India’s second-ever Test: which was way back in 1947! Also, imagine your maiden Test wicket being STEVE SMITH! What a debut
  • Shubman Gill was also an absolute joy to watch. The way he faced the Aussie bowlers- he made it look like he’s been playing test cricket for years! 3 Matches/259 Runs/two 50s.. he was by far, the best opener of this series from both sides. He’s got a bright future ahead of him; I can’t wait to see more.

These lads made me realise that the future of Indian cricket is here and it’s an incredibly exciting time.

Another thing that made this series special was Rishabh Pant.. two words- match winner! 2 half centuries, 274 runs: he really is a rare talent. We need to have patience for how he develops his game but I think this series he proved that he could belong to all formats of game. This series will be game changer for his career thats for sure.

Even though he was out of the final Test because of back problems, I do want to mention R Ashwin and he why I feel he also made the series a memorable one. During the third test, in particular, he put up an inspiring display to keep the series alive with a draw. Of course, we have to talk about the sledging too. In the heat of the battle, the way Tim Paine had tried to sledge R Ashwin will forever be a meme haha. What followed after his infamous words did indeed tempt fate: “can’t wait to get to the Gabba, mate”. Words I’m sure Tim Paine came to regret. I love how R Ashwin poked fun at that incident with his tweet after the win. He definitely got the last laugh haha.

I can’t talk about this win without mentioning the absolutely brilliant captaincy from Ajinkya Rahane- given the circumstances and everything that was working against Team India. The management team and Rahane did a superb job of maintaining composure to orchestrate a system that just allowed the young guns to express themselves despite all the pressure. What a leader Rahane is. In the absence of key players, with the belief in the emerging talent; this win is a huge testament to his captaincy skills.

I’m going to end by talking about the record that’s been broken here... Australia’s last defeat at Gabba came at the hands of the West Indies in 1988!! Up until today they were unbeaten in 32years! Australia had played 31 matches there and won 24 of them, while drawing the remaining 7. Given the start of the series I’ll be stunned for a VERY long time at how Team India managed to turn things around with a historic series win like this! It’s enormous and more than anything, the journey to this win has got incredibly excited me for the future of Indian cricket. So there you go- that’s why I think this is the greatest ever test series win for the men in blue! Do you agree? Comment below and let me know your favourite moment of the series. Do follow me for more Indian Cricket content and thanks for reading.

I write about English football and Indian Cricket.

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